Mini Zoo at Residence Inn, Tagaytay

My love for animals made fun effortlessly possible when we visited a mini zoo at Residence Inn located in Tagaytay. There was a limited collection of animals yet I was definitely happy with our experience. Our visit was enjoyable plus it allows me to learn at the same time…why not even at my age?! Kids will surely love it here. But for now, it’s our sweet encounter with nature and I hope I’ll have more of these in the future.

Residence Inn is another go-to place in Tagaytay where you can engage with different activities while enjoying the view of Taal volcano. Just in front of Residence Inn is a large stable where animal encounter can start at once. Here you can try horseback riding at ₱50/head for three rounds. Few steps away are shops selling souvenirs for travelers. We skipped this part and entered the zoo where the real memorabilia can be made and not bought.

We saw a stage where live shows probably take place but not during the time of our visit 😭. I just had a quick look at the serpentariums and aquariums because I’m not really a big fan of reptiles and arthropods. My favorites are the lion, ostrich, owl, camel, pony, and let’s not forget the monkey. But the real highlight of the zoo is the Bengal Tiger which is also one of my favorites. It was my first time to touch a tiger and had my picture taken with it for ₱100. I was hoping for a great shot but luring the tiger with its feeding bottle was a bit of a struggle. My friend switch to bird feeding and I understand why…the Bengal tiger can be quite intimidating.

Aside from the animal encounter, Residence Inn also offers other activities that are suitable for family bonding. We tried the Zipline and the Cable ride and again had our pictures taken. Hotel rooms and a view deck restaurant are also available for guests. All these can be found under one roof in Residence Inn, Tagaytay!

Residence Inn Tagaytay

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-170440

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-152829

Residence Inn Tagaytay1

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-160934

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-155752

Residence Inn Tagaytay2

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-160318

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Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-162723

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-163335

Residence Inn Tagaytay20150512-162845

Residence Inn, Tagaytay
Address: Km.65 Barrio Neogan Tagaytay City, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines
Email Address:
Contact #: 899-9595 loc 344

Entrance Fee: ₱250 per person and free for children 3 feet below
Horseback Riding: ₱150
Zip Line and Cable Ride: ₱150.00
Biking: ₱70.00 (30 minutes), ₱100.00 (1 hour)
Bird Feeding: ₱10

How to get to Residence Inn, Tagaytay:
From Petron Gas Station in Mohogany Avenue, catch a jeepney going to Alfonso. You’ll find Residence Inn at the left side and it’s just along the main road.

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