Hotel Review: The Carmelence Lodge, Tagaytay

After getting married, we are still celebrating our BF/GF anniversary. The truth is that I have no plans of eliminating it since it would be another great reason to have a good time in any means possible.

We wanted to stay in a hotel with a view of Taal Volcano for our 11th. But for this short overnight stay in Tagaytay, we just settled in a simple yet cosy lodging space called The Carmelence Lodge. It is located along the highway but finding the lodge in its blue facade
can still be a challenge. A signage is in place but another good indication is Robinson’s Supermarket which is just next to it. It is also a short walk from Meralco and Skyranch.
While you may take a short jeepney ride for other destinations such as Bag of Beans, Puzzle Museum, and Residence Inn. Another important thing to note is that the reception area is inside a nearby internet shop. We went straight to the lodge wondering where to proceed.
A staff approached us and led us where the check in should happen.

Carmelence Lodge is a new accommodation option in Tagaytay which only has 4 rooms.
It offers modern interior with standard amenities plus a kitchenette, terrace, and wifi connection. We noticed that there were no security guards which is off course very necessary no matter how small it is. Nevertheless, we chose to have a secured and private stay for this short weekend break where fear or any form of negativity does not exist. Besides, there’s such thing as vigilant and relaxed as how I want to call it 😉.

The next day, we woke up in the cold breeze of February. The weather was very inviting for a long sleep. But we decided to start the day early and have breakfast. We had a Filipino style meal composed of garlic rice, sunny side up, tapa, and hotdog. I must admit that it was surprisingly good. I even enjoyed the coffee.

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The Carmelence Lodge Tagaytay

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-170318

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-165146

The Carmelence Lodge Tagaytay1

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-164423

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-164556

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-164858

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-164928

Carmelence Tagaytay20150208-164915

Carmelence Tagaytay20150209-084457

The Carmelence Lodge (Book Now)
Address: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite
Contact #: (046) 413-0019

How to get to The Carmelence Lodge, Tagaytay:
From Petron Gas Station in Mohogany Avenue, catch a jeepney going to Alfonso. You’ll find Residence Inn right after Robinson’s Supermarket.

Stay at The Carmelence Lodge in Tagaytay, Book Now!

Months after our stay, a new accommodation option in Tagaytay was opened. It is another version of The Carmelence Lodge which offers a view of the majestic Taal Volcano. It is just appropriate to call it The Carmelence View. So, you know where I’m heading next! Here some photos courtesy from their website:

Short & Sweet,
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