One of our Best Staycations was at Infinity Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera

Crazy is the best adjective that would describe our recent vacation. We stayed in Puerto Galera for only two days and in two different resorts. Isn’t that crazy!?! After our one night stay at Buri Resort & Spa, we extended our first wedding anniversary celebration/vacation
at Infinity Resort and Spa for another day of fun and relaxation. And again, we took our
J&J wedding decor with us like we’re having another bridal photo shoot.

There will be no air travel for us this time. With this limitation, I was definitely not expecting to land in the powdery white sand of Bohol or Palawan. But I was hoping to find the perfect beach destination for our anniversary. This led us to a not-so-far romantic getaway at
Infinity Resort and Spa, a 5-star resort considered as the “Jewel of Puerto Galera” for having exceptional amenities, food, and staff. Not to mention their rejuvenating location which pampered us like kings and queens. Infinity Resort and Spa is a modern resort graced by tropical forest and majestic mountains behind it and a lovely shoreline in front. It is located in a more peaceful part of Galera. Thus, our stay was more private and engaging in activities was more inviting. My first activity though was allowing my eyes to feast on their finely crafted wooden furniture. It’s a view that’s perfect for wood lovers like me. Their sofa set including the chandeliers were very simple yet classy. This Asian architectural design is visible as you enter the lobby accompanied by a soothing scent that is present all over the resort. Infinity Resort and Spa is one of its kind in Puerto Galera. That’s why anything I set my eyes into screams world-class.

A transport service to and from Muelle Port was provided by Infinity Resort and Spa.
Zaldy, the friendly resort driver led a comfortable travel with his spotlessly clean van. It was
a great way to set a first impression. The rest depends on the other resort staff and they definitely delivered. They were very courteous and I felt that their main goal was to make our experience beyond what we expected. Too bad on my part, I can only remember Zaldy’s name. And oh, Ae…I spent quite some time trying to recall her two letter name. LOL! She’s the reservations officer who promptly answers emails and even checks on us during our arrival day! I met her in the resort and she was very pleasant and hands on.

Infinity Resort and Spa has 20 well-appointed rooms ranging from deluxe to premier suite which has its own living and dining area. I booked an Executive Room via Agoda and we
had the one located in the second level of Villa 3. We had so much space to enjoy inside the room which has a king size bed in the middle, at the back of it was a writing desk, and further back was a fridge, a mini bar, and a closet. At one side of the bed was a door going to the restroom which looks as spacious as the bedroom. It has a tub, shower enclosure with a rainfall shower, and a sink where all the necessary amenities were placed. And, there’s even
a view that perfectly fits this luxurious bathroom. Another version of the view which is more stunning can be seen from the balcony. It’s one of the best parts of the hotel room where we enjoyed being almost motionless while experiencing total relaxation.

Infinity Resort and Spa is away from Puerto Galera’s exciting nightlife. It is somewhat isolated but not the kind that is associated with boredom. The abundance of amenities is
a guarantee that there are boundless activities just for you. The entertainment room for instance can keep you occupied for the rest of the day. It has an xbox, soccer table, billiards, kids play area, and a videoke room where we had a 4 hour concert. The infinity pool and outdoor Jacuzzi got a lot of love from us as well. Other amenities include a fitness gym, Malasimbo Spa, and recreational water sports facilities. They can even arrange trips for visitors who would like to engage in diving, snorkeling, and parasailing. I’ve probably established by now why Infinity Resort and Spa was named as such. Check out their fact sheet here! – Infinity Resort Rates Fact Sheet

At day light, the sunny weather suggests that we enjoy the beach with its nice sand, turquoise water, and blue skies. And, plunge into their pool before having a cocktail from Infinity Resort’s Estuary Pool Bar. When the sun has escaped and the moon brightens up the darkness, the resort’s romantic ambiance is more noticeable. Especially when we had a sumptuous candlelit dinner arranged by the staff at The Brea, the resort’s fine dining restaurant serving an impressive spread of Continental, Asian, and Filipino dishes. We had Pork Sinigang (sour soup) which was very appropriate for the cold weather. We tried Fish and Chips as well and a complimentary dessert which we absolutely enjoyed. Check out their menu here! – The Brae Menu

Now, time for breakfast! According to Ae, they serve buffet breakfast only when it’s peak season. Our meal for that day was plated and a choice between American and Filipino set. Both Hubby and I chose Filipino breakfast instead of pancakes, hotdogs, and bacon that compose an international meal. The bread basket with a toast bread, kaiser roll, and raisin bread was present for both breakfast types. We customized our first meal for the day by choosing the type of egg, rice, hot beverage, and two entrees from their list. We were also asked to pick between fruit juice and fresh fruit. What I got was garlic rice, scrambled egg, tapa, and daing na bangus served with grilled tomato and enjoyed with fruit juice and coffee. At the end, it was as filling as having a buffet breakfast.

Our overnight stay might be too short. But I could have regretted not doing something as crazy as this. The entire experience was excellent and that’s one adjective that I want to
use for Infinity Resort and Spa. It’s for families and couples to enjoy and best for special occasions. Before saying goodbye, one of the staff approached me and left a nice remark.
He whispered “Thank you for travelling!”. My response of course was “My pleasure!”

The Lobby
Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera45

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera46

Our Room at Villa 3
Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera57

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera6

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera5

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera7

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera56

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera59

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera32

The Bathroom
Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera15

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera11

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera12

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera14

Malasimbo Spa
Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera48 Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera50

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera51

The Brea Restaurant
Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera44

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera42

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera2

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera43

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera29

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera40

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera52

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera55

In and Around Infinity Resort and SpaInfinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera33

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera35

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera60

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera38

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera58

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera61

Infinity Resort and Spa Puerto Galera62

Infinity Resort and Spa (Book Now)
Address: Talipanan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Reservations Office: 0919-9933449 / 0917-7926353

How to get to Infinity Resort and Spa, Puerto Galera:
Ride an air-conditioned bus going to Batangas Pier. The 2 hour trip costs ₱137 per person
if your taking a bus from Alabang South Station. Afterwards there is a 45-minute boat ride (₱250) going to Muelle Port where the van from Infinity Resort will be waiting for you.

Stay at Infinity Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera, Book Now!

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