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I created an exciting memory with Las Pinas City Hall and I never thought that it could happen. I used to go there with my “Let’s get it done and over with” attitude while filling up forms, completing requirements and photocopying them. Afterwards, I would queue and wait for either the NBI clearance or the barangay clearance. My recent visit also involved these experiences but for something pretty like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I placed an order at Padico’s online shop to have my very first clay molds. I discovered Padico when I got interested in making fake miniature sweets as ornaments for a product that I wanted to make. Padico is a Japanese company which aims to create products like no other. Aside from molds, they also produce high quality materials such as clay, acrylic paints and deco sauce. After almost a month, I am finally heading to the post office in Las Pinas City Hall to claim my package shipped via SAL mail.

So, what’s in the package? I bought 8 clay molds and a tool which I can use to make strings for a dessert called Mont Blanc. The 6 different patterns that come with it can help me make noodles and doll hair as well.

Other decorations for the sweets can be created using my clay molds. The pink colored molds are made out of plastic. It is slightly bendable and dedicated for making waffles, tarts, crepes, cupcakes, and even letters and numbers. I can decorate it with shapes like hearts, ribbons, and stars using what they call as kid mold. Strawberries, watermelons, and oranges using the fruit mold is also a great choice.

I also purchased bendable and flexible soft clay molds that are made out of polypropylene. With these, I could make more deserts including doughnuts and heart-shaped macaroons. 
I can also produce circles, ovals, hearts, frames, Eiffel Towers, perfume bottles, butterflies, and roses. The macaroon mold is included in the package as well. I can shape two different sizes of circles and one square for a cake. This mold is not flexible and can be used as a pallet for painting.

Each mold comes with a guide which is written in Japanese. Not a big issue ‘coz there’s always youtube to help you sort things out. Instructions found on their website (… written in English) are also very helpful. From it, I’ve learned that Padico molds work best using soft clay. But if you are using clay that tends to stick, they recommend greasing the molds with vaseline or baby lotion. It is also advised to use another piece of clay for lifting the clay out of the mold.

Padico Online Shop

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-162716

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-163139

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-163715

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-164948

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-164347

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-170727

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-171228

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-164601

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-171102

Clay Molds from Padico Japan20150728-165507

Padico Shop, Japan
Address: 673-3, Jinba, Gotenba-shi, Shizuoka, 412-0047 Japan
Email Address:
Contact #: +81-550-89-7521

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