Hong Kong Food Haul

Everything worked out as planned! I brought home a pair of Birkenstock, a card holder from Cath Kidston, and the usual Hong Kong souvenirs like keychains and ref magnets. That’s it! I’m a foodie and a beauty product/clothing haul is not gonna happen at least for this trip.

One of our main reasons for re-visiting Hong Kong was to enjoy their food. Our gastronomical journey took us to local cafes, food courts, and restaurants. We…or I 😀 felt
it wasn’t enough so I decided to bring home delectable snacks from convenience stores
and local bakeries. A friend suggested trying out Wife Cake from Wing Wah Cake Shop and Kee Wah Bakery. She warned me though from buying from convenience stores which can be more expensive. I followed her recommendations for my mini Hong Kong food haul.
But I would still find myself grabbing snacks from 7-Eleven or Mannings. I don’t want to miss an opportunity this time!

I bought Collon (HK$88) and Pocky (HK$12.50) from Mannings.
These are actually products from Japan that are worth the space in my luggage.

A box of Collon contains 12 small boxes. This is how it looks like!hong-kong-food11

I didn’t miss out buying Hong Kong’s famous drinks from convenience stores.
Banana Milk Drink from 7-Eleven (HKD$5.90) was one of them.hong-kong-food2

Bourbon Crackers (HK$15 for 2) are another product from Japan
that are available in Hong Kong.

Wife Cake (HK$75) from Wing Wah Cake Shop is definitely a must-try!hong-kong-food9

The fate of this drink was different from the rest. Vitasoy (HK$7) was too delicious
but wasn’t too lucky to make it to the hotel. 😉

We ran out of time for PrizeMart so I just grabbed Merci Petits (HK$23.90) from Wellcome.hong-kong-food6

Puccho (HK$8) are sweet and chewy candies that come in various flavors.
I can’t recall why I chose melon!

I was in the taxi when I instantly took a photo of my Papaya Milk Drink (HK$5.90)
before I completely forget doing it.

Ritter Sport’s Strawberry Yogurt (HK$8) is my favorite!
But I decided to get another variant called White Hazelnuts.

Another must-try product from Wing Wah Cake Shop!
This one is their Phoenix Roll (HK$55).hong-kong-food10

There’s a reason why this Butterly Crisp (HK$48) from Tai Cheong Bakery
has a special packaging.


Short & Sweet,
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