Hotel Review: Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, Boracay

Back in 2015, my husband and I had a short trip to Puerto Galera. You may want to check
it HERE! We booked two hotels and the decision seems crazy for the length of stay that
we had. We are doing it again for our short (…as always) vacation in Boracay Island.
But this time, I ended up alone…well, long story!

My first hotel destination in Boracay was Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, a beachfront hotel located in Station 1. How I got here was a little bit crazy as well. I took a tricycle from the jetty port going to Sunny Side Up Cafe in Station 3. From here I have an option to take another tricycle ride again. But I chose to travel by foot with my two heavy bags going to Zuzuni Boutique Hotel. The 30-minute walk was long enough for me to get thirsty 😎 and short enough to create my first impression about Boracay. I was surprised to see the crowd present on the beachfront during an early Wednesday morning. I was looking forward to seeing this side
of Boracay but not too much. Before I felt disappointed, I recalled how getting into
a vacation like this could be really complicated. So, I reminded myself of where I was
headed and why I was headed there. Afterwards, my expectations for Zuzuni Boutique Hotel grew a little bit more.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel’s Location
As I mentioned, Zuzuni Boutique Hotel is a prime beachfront hotel situated in Station 1.
It is actually in the southern end of this station, making it close to Station 2 and giving me an overall feel that I was indeed in Station 2. The best thing about the location was its ability
to connect me to the real Boracay scene which I kinda want to see and experience.
Zuzuni Boutique hotel is close to various attractions in my Boracay checklist. It is a few scenic steps going to D’Mall, Willy’s Rock, and of course Boracay’s prestine White Sand Beach. I was also presented with many dining option including Los Indios Bravos, Gasthof, and Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. It was an easy access to fun and who wouldn’t love that?

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 4 Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 26

My Room at Zuzuni Boutique Hotel
I knew Zuzuni Boutique Hotel would exceed my expectations as soon as I entered my room.
I stayed at Room 7 which is a Beachfront Room with a Balcony. It is a modern minimalist
air-conditioned room with cable TV, mini fridge, safety deposit box, and hot & cold
shower. The hotel also provides a complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access. All these
amenities are present in other room types as well. Zuzuni Boutique Hotel currently
has 14 Mediterranean-inspired rooms classified as standard, beachfront with balcony, premier beachfront, and loft.

The balcony would always be the apple of my eye during staycations. This time around it is sharing my attention with Zuzuni Boutique Hotel’s comfy bed with soft and cuddly pillows. The views both from the bed and the balcony are amazing. But I spent most of my time having a lazy afternoon in the sleeping area. The magic works best when I opened the curtains with floor to ceiling sliding glass door.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 3Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 9Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 14Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 5Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 6Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 17 Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 16Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 8Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 2 Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 25

Breakfast at Zuzuni Boutique Hotel
The room that I booked at Zuzuni Boutique Hotel comes with a complimentary breakfast which was a choice between Filipino and Spanish Set. In my case, I don’t have to make any choices and just have both. However, I decided to have the Spanish meal and requested them to pack the other set for take out.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 23Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 24

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel’s La Cozina
Zuzuni Boutique Hotel has a restaurant called La Cozina which offers a Latin American dining experience. They serve dishes such as Baby Back Ribs, Shrimp Pesto, and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. I didn’t get to sample everything that I mentioned. 😳 I only got
to try their Margarita and Churros which I realized to be a weird combination.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 21 Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 22Zuzuni Boutique Hotel Station 1 Hotel Boracay 20

Weeks before my arrival I have been in contact with Aldrin, one of the hotel staff who was probably having his day off during my stay. He was very prompt and friendly in providing his response to my inquiries. The staff whom I met in the hotel was friendly as well and was very eager in arranging my activities in Boracay.

My Overall Verdict for Zuzuni Boutique Hotel: Recommended!!!

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, Boracay (Book Now)
Address: Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay Island, Malay Aklan
Contact #s: 0908-8620031 / 0908-8939841 / 0917-3249051 / (036) 2884477

How to get to Zuzuni Boutique Hotel:
Unless you want to get tired, walk from Sunny Side Up Café to Zuzuni Boutique Hotel just like what I did. But there’s definitely a better way of going to the hotel. From Boracay port, take a tricycle going to Station 1. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the highway.

Stay at Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, Book Now!

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