About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am Jackie and I will be sharing a bit of all the things pretty and pleasant in my blog which I want to call Short & Sweet! How I got into blogging was a long journey. Three years ago, I discovered that I know how to blog and I want to blog. So I started my very first wordpress home which ran for almost two years. Wedding preparations kept me busy but now I am back blogging again here in my newest space. Short & Sweet will be an exciting mix of some of the nicest rewards that I love. I am ecstatic over travel, comfort food, desserts, mornings, breakfasts, animals, serenity, beaches, snorkelling, extreme rides, weddings, and crafts!

10 Short & Sweet Facts About Me

1.) I am in my 30s and I am from the Calabarzon Region.
2.) Kimchi, olives, and cheese are some of the food that I regularly crave for.
3.) I like to learn how to paint with watercolors.
4.) I like Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, Curtis Stone as well as what they do.
5.) I like fries better with salt than with ketchup.
6.) The simplest thing that I like to do is watching TV while eating chips.
7.) I kiss my dog and talk to her like a real human.
8.) Products from Daiso and Japan Home make me crazy.
9.) I like receiving picture frames as gifts.
10.) I want to stay in a distant beach front house when I get old.

 Short & Sweet,