Where and What to Eat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Food Trip

Remembering our recent dining experiences in Hong Kong is as often as making myself happy. What we spent was quite a lot but I never planned a vacation where spoiling ourselves was not a top priority. This blog post about where and what I ate in Hong Kong would probably be one of the best proofs […]

Hong Kong Food Haul


Everything worked out as planned! I brought home a pair of Birkenstock, a card holder from Cath Kidston, and the usual Hong Kong souvenirs like keychains and ref magnets. That’s it! I’m a foodie and a beauty product/clothing haul is not gonna happen at least for this trip. One of our main reasons for re-visiting Hong […]

Luxurious Buffet Experience at Niu by Vikings

NIU by Vikings Buffet Taguig main

My first photo in this blog post would probably give a clue that we celebrated two special occasions at NIU by Vikings. It was the birthday of Jesus and my Mother who was given the name “Jesusa” after she was born on Christmas day. We availed the “Flaunt Your Age” promo where my mom got […]

Must Try Non-Best Seller Dishes in Shi Lin

Shi Lin Taiwanese Restaurant Alabang Town Center main.jpg

One of my friends recently moved to Singapore for a new life. We met each other in 5th grade and the bond continues until now. That makes it more than 20 years (…yes we are in our 30s! LOL!) of friendship made up immeasurable laughter and sometimes tears. We share a lot of things in […]

My Ultimate Favorite Cupcakes at Kat’s Cafe

Kat's Cafe Las Pinas Main20150705-161021

Desserts are my ultimate favorite and I’m happy that my recent indulgence was at Kat’s Cafe. I never had the chance of dining in their first branch somewhere in BF Las Pinas which I find somewhat difficult to reach. Now they have a new branch in Robinsons Place also located in Las Pinas. But this time the place […]

A Relaxing Weekday at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

Bag of Beans Tagaytay Main20150512-112754

A trip to Tagaytay would normally consist of dining in a restaurant with the view of Taal Volcano. This spectacular natural beauty creates a relaxing ambiance and contributes to the overall dining experience. But my last food hunt in Tagaytay gave me the same tranquil feeling without the view of Taal Volcano. Everything took place […]